Dental Aesthetics


Dental aesthetics are often compromised due to various dental problems. This fact is directly related to the smile, implying facial changes that alter self-esteem, such as poor dental positioning, inclinations, dental spaces, shape and size of teeth.

Our Clinic is equipped with the most advanced technology in the present and with qualified professionals enabling functional and aesthetic treatments.

The use of CAD-CAM technology, immediate implants, dental aesthetics (facets and crowns), smile design, orthodontic corrections and whitening allow us to offer the most suitable smile for each case.


It is one of the most recent techniques in dentistry, being a software where photographic images and videos of the patient are worked for the elaboration of an aesthetic treatment.

Thus, it is possible to predict the final outcome before starting treatment.

DSD is a tool used in aesthetic and digital dentistry that allows better diagnosis through communication between the dentist and the patient, increasing the predictability throughout the treatment.


Clínica Luso Española is at the forefront of the most current treatments in aesthetic dental medicine, such as Lumineers®, the most modern ceramic aesthetic facets with a minimally invasive preparation of the teeth, and without anesthesia.

LUMINEERS® is manufactured by Cerinate ™ in California and simply cemented to the tooth for a painless, radiant smile.

Our Clinic is a Lumineers® certified clinic, the largest advancement in dental cosmetics in the last 30 years.



Facets Lumineers

Facets Lumineers

Rehabilitation with Ceramic Facets

Rehabilitation with Ceramic Facets

Rehabilitation with feldspathic facets

Rehabilitation with feldspathic facets

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